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Investor advantages

Over the years, Rescom has helped mentor private investors – including individuals, companies, families and friends – to build their investment portfolios and wealth opportunities by investing in mortgages.

For investors looking for a good rate of return with limited risk, Rescom’s syndicated mortgages present an excellent investment opportunity. Our investors have averaged an annual net rate of return in excess of 10% over the last ten years.

Earning an average annual net return in excess of 10%
Our private mortgages are funded by an individual investor or a group of investors with all investors being named on the registered mortgage document. The interest paid by the borrower becomes income for the investors. Private investors who participate in mortgage funding have the same legal security in a mortgage as a bank or other institutional lender. As with bank mortgages, all documentation, security registration and disbursement of funds are prepared and handled by a professional. Rescom’s goal is to provide the highest possible return to our investors in a safe and secure investment.

More control and flexibility
Unlike a typical mortgage fund, Rescom’s syndicated mortgages provide investors with control over where their dollars are being invested. Through a Rescom syndicated mortgage, a private investor, or group of private investors, participate in individual mortgages. We provide clients with information for each and every loan initiated, maintaining a partnership of integrity and respect with each investor.

Rescom’s investors make their own lending decisions. Information is presented to you on a deal by deal basis and it is up to you to decide whether or not to invest based on your personal lending criteria.

Investor guidance
We take the time to meet with every potential investor to understand your investment needs, risk tolerance and time horizon. We ensure that the opportunity we present is suitable for you and that your money is at work in mortgage loans that meet your personal criteria and satisfy your objectives.