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Residential Mortgages

Buying a home may be the most important financial commitment you will make. Whether you are a first time home buyer, financing an investment property or consolidating debt, Rescom is committed to minimizing your interest costs and ensuring that you have the most flexible options.

We act as your personal mortgage advocates. We take the time to meet with you to review the whole picture and focus on providing the best financing solutions for you. We manage every detail of the loan process from start to finish.

We also help clients with situations that fall outside conventional lending guidelines including self employment, credit challenges and financial distress. Our results have earned us the trust of borrowers across the province.

The Best Interest Rate.
Our longstanding relationships with Canada’s major institutional lenders and our business volumes enable us to obtain the best interest rates for you.

The Greatest Flexibility.
Institutional mortgages can come with a confusing array of privileges including accelerated payments, lump sum principal payments, early renewal options, portability to another property and pre-payment before maturity. How privileges may be used varies considerably from one institution to the next. We help you to understand the differences and ensure that along with the best interest rate, you end up with the privileges and flexibility that suit your needs - now and in the future.

The Long Term Relationship.
In selecting mortgage lenders, we consider how the lender will treat you two or three years from closing. Few mortgage brokers introduce this aspect of borrowing, but the right mortgage lender, and one who is approachable in accommodating our clients’ needs, is critical to saving you money and peace of mind. We will stay involved with your mortgage and continue to liaise with the lender as long as you want us to.