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why we're different

What sets us apart

We’ve been in business since 1989. The depth and range of our expertise are the reason longstanding clients, brokers, and private investors refer their peers to Rescom. We know  how to deliver the best results to our clients.

Client Care.
Client care is at the heart of everything we do. It’s more than a deal. Or best mortgage rate. Not only do we have longstanding relationships with our clients, we now look after the best interests of their children.

Preferred broker among brokers.
Our relationships are longstanding and extend deeply within the mortgage brokerage community.

We have built our business by developing trusted relationships with borrowers, lenders and mortgage brokers. By understanding respective needs, we are able to bring all parties together for their mutual benefit.

Responsive and timely.
We are professional and timely in processing transactions properly, obtaining rapid approvals and working cooperatively with client, lender and broker schedules.

Creative thinkers.
Every client is unique. We take the time to clearly understand and find the solutions that are right for you – not just at the most competitive rate, but also at the best terms.

We ensure that you are comfortable and understand the loan process. We meet with our clients in person. We care about this interaction and recognize the loan process is about being our client’s best advocate.

Documentation experts.
We know how to package and present every loan application with the right documentation – to recognize what is needed and to put it together in a way that achieves the best results.

An enjoyable experience. 
We are committed to making the experience pleasant and stress-free for our clients, brokers and lenders. We are known for this.